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That #NewGoreOrder tho»»»

— 3 months ago

I genetically engineered a completely new molecular structure today in the form of a liquid unlike anyone has ever seen. Fucking incredible. It’s like I’ve just opened up a new door into my mind. I’ve created an entire world through the perception of this new wonder-drug.
What the fuck did you today?

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17, motherfuckers!

Celebrating my birthday with a blueberry swisher to start shit off right

— 3 months ago
My apologies

Sorry I haven’t been on in a long time, guys. I’ve been in jail and had no access to the interwebs. By the way, jail fucking sucks. Don’t go there if you can avoid it.

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Holy Shit

That was the longest time of my life. Fuck prison. Sorry about not posting for so long. But holy shit, prison fuckin sucks. For real

— 5 months ago